jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2016

Hello Ulefone!

Dear Ulefone:

Our names are Carlos Mora and Alex Menor, two young spanish developers that founded Cadrix Team a couple of years ago.

Since we saw this chance we had no doubt, ulefone is our new goal, we want to make the scene around this phone bigger and we are ready to put every single effort on this.

We are both 17 years old, we are young, but we have learned many things from the development of  many phones. The experiences of many people with mediatek phones (specifically bq, a spanish Brand) were improved by us in the past, recieving  very good feedback, that has always been how we get rewarded by our job.

Okay, but what are you going to do for us? You may ask, well, as you have released the sources of your kernel, we are able to get CM and even Cadrix OS, which is the project we have been working on since a long time now.

To prove that we can actually do that, first of all, feel free to move around our web, you can find cyanogenmod, carbon rom and even our own rom Cadrix OS, however, we have not published anything new since a lot of time ago and it doesn´t have every single ROM we have developed avaliable, we are more familiar with forums.

Besides if you are not sure enough, we can start working right now getting compiled CM for another phone, such as oneplus one, wich one of us owns at the moment.

To sum up, perseverance and hard work are our best qualities. We want to success on this and we are not going to settle until we get the best of us on the metal.

We are so excited about this new project.

Best regards, Cadrix Team.

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